Posted: 06-18-2018
News Channel 9 - 2 minutes


Posted: 06-18-2018
Jeana Lee's Talk - 7 minutes


Posted: 06-18-2018
Mark Brooks Talk - 3 minutes


Posted: 06-18-2018
Entire Hurricane Creek Cell Phone Tower Meeting - 1hr 8min long.


Posted: 06-18-2018
Home Owners Interviews - 3 minutes

Posted: 06-18-2018
The Hurricane Creek Board Members want to make you aware that Monday night - June 18th - 2018 - 6:00pm - Christ United Methodist Church, Version wants to present their plans on building a new cell phone tower in our neighborhood area.

Please attend this meting - Monday night at 6:00pm at Christ United Methodist Church to let your voice be heard!


If you do not attend this meeting and let your voice be heard, your property value might depreciate significantly!


To find out more, watch the YouTube Video above.



Posted: 03-16-2018
As president of the Hurricane Creek Home Owners Association and Hurricane Creek Subdivision, I would like to clarify any rumors or misconceptions about the Hurricane Creek Restrictive Covenants. At the end of last year, 2017, the Hurricane Creek HOA board members requested a review of the covenants by a real estate attorney. The conclusion and position of the real estate attorney is that the convents are automatically renewable and that the Hurricane Creek Restrictive Covenants are in full force.
Thank you,

Best regards
Bruce Gillham






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